[May 3, 0202]

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to report that our shipping lanes for both Air and Maritime continue to be open and Miami is still receiving packages as usual.  So if you need to do some online shopping and avoid the lines, we're here for you.  

Here are some things to note during our "New Regular."

  • Please reference our Transit Times and Schedules article which contains some adjustments to the current environment. 
  • As of writing we still have a significant backlog, but we expect to be able to churn through this in just a few more days.  Notably, we still have some delay in our third Ark Shipment.
  • Curbside pickup described here is currently the fastest way to get your package.  We are still delivering some packages, but it will take us the rest of the week to clear out the delivery backlog.  If you have specific critical packages of PPE or medicine or essential supplies that you need delivered and are unable to pickup, please message us at help@tortolaexpress.com so we can prioritize the delivery for you.
  • We are not currently accepting any cash or personal check payments.  All payments for packages must be made online via credit card or PayPal.
  • Until the end of May, we are only open Monday to Friday and closed on the weekends  Curbside is available 7:30am to Noon and our customer service staff is answering emails (Help@tortolaexpress.com) and phones (394 0707) from 9am to 6pm.
  • We will begin accepting returns May 4th.  Please first pre-approve your return by sending us an email to help@toprtolaexpress.com and then bringing the return package to curbside pickup area at our Purcell warehouse.

Thank you for your patronage and for your understanding as we continue to adjust to our new lives.


Colin Rathbun, CEO