Aeropost has flights overnight from Miami 5 times a week Monday to Friday with arrivals the next day Tuesday to Saturday (See the full schedule).  The flight hubs through San Juan where a plane transfer is done and then typically arrives in the BVI between 8:30 and noon the next day.  There are multiple scenarios and complex flight combinations with various cargo providers to achieve this turnaround time.

Around 85% of the time, the packages arrive in the BVI the very next day.  But the complex nature of our route and carrier availability means it is practically impossible to deliver on that 100% of the time without significantly increasing costs to you, which we are very sensitive on.   

Officially, our transit times once a package gets sent from Miami are 1-3 days, however, since most of the time we arrive in 1 day,  will mark all the packages in this shipment as "Flight Delay" and the system will automatically send you a "Package Delay" message to let you know of a change from the normal result.

Any package with this status will automatically be in the highest priority for the next day


Aeropost has 1-2 shipments per week (See the full schedule). If we feel the packages have been delayed beyond the expected time frame, we will mark all the packages in this shipment as "Flight Delay".  Unfortunately, since Aeropost is mainly an Air-shipment company, this is the only status we have available to use.  Apologies for the confusion.