The Miami team may need to put your package on hold for multiple reasons. A hold simply means that the package cannot be shipped without certain requirements or procedures taking place. Below is a list of common hold reasons.


This means you need an EEI or SED filing which we do on your behalf.  Most of the time there is no action needed, but we will inform you if we end up needing your help with something.


Some items cannot be shipped with our regular cargo because of safety regulations. While there are no additional charges for handling hazmat products on Air accounts and Maritime accounts vary and the frequency of hazmat shipments is different from our regular transit times and schedules


This means there is a note on your account to have all packages held in Miami. This is usually due to a request from yourselves, so please be sure to contact us on or 1-284-394-0707 so we can rectify any outstanding issue.


This is usually for air packages where one of the dimensions of the package exceeds 120 inches. While we charge by weight-only for 99.9% of our packages, there are still some dimensional limits we cannot overcome simply because of aircraft sizes. If a package is more than 120 inches in width, length or height, you may need to pay oversize rates


Your account is closed for some reason so the package is restricted from moving. Please be sure to contact us on or 1-284-394-0707 so we can rectify any outstanding issue.