A benefit afforded to all our customers is the use of two addresses, one for packages and one for flat mail.  The one for packages is more efficient for packages and the one for mail more efficient for mail, however you may use them interchangeably and it will not change the service type you receive. 

 Some customers believe that since we offer mail for free, anything sent to the PO box will be moved for free. Unfortunately, that is not the case, any package, envelope, bag, or box that arrives to the Miami po box with a tracking number must be treated as a package. This means any mail/document item with a registered tracking number will carry the Aeropost freight, warranty/returns charge, and the Government cargo transfer fee. You will not need to upload and invoice to mail/document with a tracking number but you will need to let us know it is a document and we will have it harmonized for you with the relevant charges, email help@tortolaexpress.com or call 394-0707. 

Your nameYour name
1 Aeropost WayP.O Box 25479
EIS-(Account #)EIS-(Account #)
Miami, FLMiami, FL
(786) 322-2032 
(305) 592-7754

It is critical that your EIS account number is clearly stated on the labels of the packages.  The best way to achieve this is to ensure you include the EIS account number in your shipping address when you make your purchase.  

We also recommend changing your credit card's billing address to your new address with us to avoid the possibility of canceled orders.  Some vendors don't like it when the billing address and shipping address are different.