We totally get that snagging an invoice from Shein can be a bit of a puzzle, but we've got some fresh intel for you! ?

To nab that elusive PDF invoice from Shein, simply follow these friendly steps:

  • First, hop over to the Shein website and log in to your account. Once you're in, click on 'MY ORDERS' (it's the second option under your name).

  • Scroll down to the order you're curious about and click on 'View Invoice.'

  • Hit the big, bold 'VIEW' button:

  • Now, just click on the grand 'DOWNLOAD' button:

VoilĂ ! You'll have that handy PDF invoice in your clutches! ?

Just remember that we gotta have these 6 point covered for BVI Customs to accept your invoice:

  1. The invoice should clearly describe the item(s).
  2. The quantity of each item(s) should be stated on the invoice.
  3. The value (price paid or value) of each item(s) must be shown or stated.
  4. Shipping, discount, tax cost, and any other fees should be included, even if they amount to $0 or are marked as free. The grand total of the order should follow these details.
  5. Shipper Information: Name and address of the business or person sending the goods.
  6. Consignee Information (your information): Name and address of the business or person receiving the goods.

If this method isn't quite your cup of tea, don't worry! We've got more tricks up our sleeves. Besides this the easiest way to snag a Shein invoice is still through PayPal, so we do still recommend that as your payment method and we've got other handy tricks to grab that full invoice. Just give us a holler, and we'll shoot you over those instructions as well, feel free to reach out, and we'll gladly assist you! ?