Hazmat Products

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Products that fall under this category include, but are not limited to, any items with alcohol listed as their first ingredient, any quantity of flammable, explosive, and contents under pressure or corrosive material.

Packages that fall under these classifications may be held as "Consumer Commodities or Dangerous Goods Holds". Consumer Commodity is a term used in the freight industry for "medium" risk hazmat products in limited quantities. While these products may not be allowed to ship with our Regular Air and Maritime Cargo services, because of their hazmat properties and Airline/Ship safety regulations, we do have special manifests for each account type, for some hazmat products. 

Air accounts - Hazmat products are shipped free of charge on two special flights per week!

Manifesting every Tuesday, flying into the BVI on Wednesday or Thursday, and again manifesting every Thursday, flying into the BVI on Friday or Saturday.

Maritime accounts - Hazmat products are shipped free of charge on three special manifests per week! Manifesting every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

**Due to Maritime carrier restrictions, certain types of lithium batteries and those over 5kgs are only manifested on Wednesday. 

**Please note** Some items cannot be shipped via Air or Maritime routes due to carrier or local restrictions. Additionally, you may be required to supply the Safety Data Sheet, provided by your supplier, if our carriers or local government agencies request it. 

If you would like us to check if a particular good may be held when arriving in Miami or ship with us, via Air or Maritime routes, please e-mail us at help@tortolaexpress.com with the link to the product you wish to purchase so we can advise you accordingly.