[July 6,2020)

Dear Friends,

We are so very, very sorry so many BVI residents have been having so many issues with packages lately.

In the beginning of June, Aeropost had to quarantine about 50 staff. Almost immediately 50 more were hired, but the hiring and training time left us struggling to meet the higher than usual demand and resulted in very significant delays, in some instances up to 12 days!

However I am happy to report that several weeks later it would appear that 99% of the issues should now be resolved. Of course, it is always possible there are a few lingering issues so we want to make sure to resolve them ASAP.

If you are still experiencing delays, I'd like to ask that you reach out to us on one of the three below methods:

1. Message us on our Facebook page: facebook.com/AeropostBVI

2. Email us on help@tortoalexpress.com

3. Call us on 3940707.

Thank you so much for your patronage. We know you have a choice of carrier for your internet orders and appreciate the trust you have in us.

It literally means the world to our Aeropost Family.

Colin Rathbun

CEO, TortolaExpress/AeropostEIS