Because of the multiple week lock-down, we decided to ship all of your outstanding Air and Maritime packages via maritime routes. It was cheaper to execute and would offer the same turnaround for you since even if we moved them by Air during the curfew, you'd still not be able to receive them.  There are three such shipments, one left Miami on Tuesday, April 7th, one on April 13th and the third on April 21st.  Internally we've called these our Ark shipments. :-)

This means that all your air shipments that made those manifests were able to receive the following price cuts to help you through these hard financial times:
1. A 50% reduction on the price of freight (duties and insurance remain the same)

2. Removal of the Cargo Transfer Fee that the airport charges

How do I know if my package is eligible for the discount?

If your package shows an In Transit to Destination Country status on the 7th or 13th of April and was originally set to be an Air package, your discount has already been applied in one of three ways:

  • If you had already paid for your package, you will see two sets of discounts on your statement each with the Letters ARK and the MIA tracking number associated.  One will show up as "ARK-MIA000012345678" to indicate the freight discount and one will show up as "ARK-Cargo_Trans_Fee-MIA000012345678" to indicate the removal of the Cargo transfer Fee.
  • If your package had been billed to you but you still had not paid it, the discount is now baked into the outstanding amount so all you have to do is go online to pay either on your desktop computer or your phone or tablet app.
  • If your package has not been billed yet, simply send us your invoice to get the package processed and the discount will be automatically applied.

Why did my package ship without payment?

While we are usually a pre-paid destination requiring packages to be paid before leaving Miami, we decided it would be a good idea to ship anything we had on hand to give you the opportunity to get your package at a discount during these uncertain times.  We temporarily suspended this requirement to manifest packages with or without invoices or payment. Any package received in Miami not going on hold was manifested.    

What about packages still in Miami?

Going forward any package still in Miami will go back to the regular routine and rates.  If you'd like to save a bit on your shipment, we recommend using our maritime service.   Please contact one of our agents on or 394 0707 to set up a maritime account.