April 2/2020

Dear Friends,

For the previous 5 days of curfew we have been busy organizing ourselves to allow to deliver all products to homes. Unfortunately though, after requesting for permission in every avenue available to us, we have yet to receive word as to whether or not this will be allowed.  So we have temporarily abandoned the initiative.

From April 2 to April 4th, 2020 and from 10am to 5pm only, we will be allowing a very limited drive-up service at our Port Purcell warehouse only for specific goods listed below.  

For the safety of our staff please follow these directions very carefully

- Please stay in your vehicle, we will not serve anyone walking up to the office

- We will not be accepting any form of payment in person. 

- We will only serve persons who are allowed to be out on that particular day.  This is designated by government by day and last name.  Thursday, last names A to I, Friday last names J to R, Saturday last names S-Z.

When arriving to our warehouse in Port Purcell, please drive up to the cones outside and stay in your vehicle. -- Announce your name and account number to our staff outside and then wait for us to go get the packages.  

- We will bring the packages to a table outside, after which we will retreat to allow you to come out of your vehicle to collect the packages and make space for the next vehicle.

This limited service will allow pickups only for specific goods listed below.

- Medicine

- Medical equipment

- Vitamins and supplements

- Educational supplies

- Foods

- Sanitary and cleaning supplies

- Masks and gloves

- Toiletries

- Baby and child care items

Please do not pickup clothes, electronics, car parts, games, shoes, cosmetics, or other non-essential products. WE need to be able to prioritize those very essential items for our survival through this. Our staff also have to prepare for a 14 day curfew so we are very limited in our capabilities. Please help us in this endeavor and only pickup things you really need that fall in the above categories.

At this point, anything in transit that is not marked on your account as status of Ready for Pickup at Aeropost store or Assigned to Route, will likely not be available before the full shutdown.  

We will be sending up or Virgin Gorda and Anegada Packages if the boats will allow.

The Miami office remains open to receive your packages where they will be kept safe for when we can resume business.  Our customer service staff will continue to monitor phones and emails during the extended curfew.

This is already a very difficult time for all of us.  We know your packages are critical and we are extremely sorry to need to take these measures, but feel it is in the best interest of our community, our families and our staff.

Please stay safe and obey the curfew so that we can go back to normal when it ends.

Colin Rathbun,

CEO, Aeropost/TortolaExpress