March 27/02/2020: 17:25

Dear Friends,

The transition process from pickup to delivery has severely burdened our resources beyond our expectation.  While we have had the capacity to deliver, organizing the routes and finding every new delivery point has been much more challenging than expected. It felt like changing a car tire while the vehicle is hurtling down the highway.  I am deeply sorry for any persons not receiving their cargo before the shutdown. My only solace is that in doing so we have safeguarded our staff to be exposed to the smallest degree of risk with the invisible threat around us and hope that with this we will be able to hit the ground running after the curfew.

As we transition to the next change and go under curfew we will be following the guidelines of our government.  To help break the cycle of contamination we are doing the following during government mandated curfews that span during the day:

  1. Our offices will continue be closed to the public following the closure on Thursday 26th.
  2. There will be no home delivery, it would negate the benefit of the curfew if we were to accidentally spread the virus with our actions.
  3. As of writing we don't have full confirmation yet, but we expect to be granted a very small number of curfew passes to maintain service to other deemed essential services and workers.  If you fall in this category and need delivery of a package that has arrived, please contact our help-desk by email on so we can arrange as these will only done on a request basis.  Please be sure to include in your request a copy of your curfew pass or documentation attesting to be an essential worker.  
  4. Our amazing and hardworking staff maintaining access to customer service responses and questions Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm by phone (394 0707), or by email (  The phone line works on an internet enabled PBX, which is to say it does not work that well with the state of internet these days, so we encourage you to email us.

Be safe and help break the cycle so we can all get back to regular life.

Colin Rathbun,
CEO, Aeropost/TortolaExpress.