Yes, but there are a couple things we need:

- Keep your account so it is set up for pickup at Port Purcell (IE, don't sign up for delivery)

- Ensure that the package you want delivered has already arrived to the BVI

- Call us on 394 0707 the day before you'd like delivery and ask for the package to be _Re-Routed.  The agent will take your information and the package will be placed on the proper delivery route for the next delivery day.  

 We are not able to schedule a delivery for a date in the future since the deliveries go out as soon as the packages come in.   If you have a package re-routed that is not already in the office, that is harder specifically because we will not be 100% sure if the boat will be at the delivery point when it arrives.  So this may make the delivery fail if you are not at the delivery point when the driver shows up.

Also, while we do our best, the exact time of the delivery is not possible to give.  Drivers have a truckload of packages to deliver so the route each day takes them various places.  Add to that the planes don't arrive at the same time each day and there are just too many variables to specify a time for the delivery.