[March 22/03/2020]

Dear Friends,

Aeropost's Air and Maritime shipping lanes are open, but starting Thursday March 26th, Aeropost on Tortola will be 100% delivery-only and we will close the Port Purcell office to the public.

This is our way of maximizing social distancing and ensuring continuity of service. We feel everyone will be safer ordering online with free delivery to work or home, instead of going to a store or even our office. As always, there will be no extra charge for delivery.

Delivery is available to homes and businesses alike so sign up here for delivery. 

Please, please, please be sure to give us the GPS coordinates of your delivery location zoomed in all the way. 

Summary and extra points to note:

  • The last day to pick up a package at the Port Purcell office will be Wednesday, March 25th.

  • Our drivers are under strict instructions to not enter homes, businesses, or any crowded space. When delivery points are not obvious we may be calling you to meet us at the curb, by your gate, or any neutrally safe point for everyone involved.

  • You may see our drivers arrive in unbranded vehicles to deliver since we are in the process of purchasing vehicles with 4-wheel-drive to access difficult driveways. As we reorganize our routes and find new homes, please make sure your phone number is up to date in our system as we may have to call you to find you.

  • For the duration of our front office closure, we will no longer be accepting cash payments. Payments must be made online by Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal directly through Aeropost.com. Wire transfer details will be made available on request.

  • If you normally have delivery at the office and need to change the delivery point to your home, fill out this form again to override the previous data and give us the new delivery location.

  • If you have a Maritime account in addition to the Air account, we'll need you to fill out the delivery signup link for each account.

  • Our flights will be arriving Monday to Friday as the Saturday flight will be temporarily discontinued. Maritime packages will be picked up from the ports from Monday to Friday as they arrive.

  • We will continue to deliver Monday-Friday

  • Customer service through Phone (284 394 0707) or email (help@tortolaexpress.com) will be available on extended hours from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

  • There will be no change to Virgin Gorda or Anegada services at this time as we expect them to continue normally.

  • We are expecting to re-open the store in Port Purcell once things settle down and we feel comfortable with the lowered risk of infection. Since things are changing very quickly these days, we are unsure when this will be. Another announcement will be made as we know more.

Our new COVID19 reality represents changes for everyone, but to survive we need to embrace change. Please continue to be mindful of others by keeping your distance and sanitizing regularly. Times like these are a true measure of our worth, so let’s have the fortitude to outsmart this bug.

Colin Rathbun,

CEO, Aeropost EIS / TortolaExpress