A package consolidation is when we take several individual packages from the same order and "join" them.

Advantages for Air account

- Lower price because the total weight of the shipment is being considered for the rate instead of the individual package

- One bill for all the packages


- Slows down your shipment by up to a few days because of extra processing requests.

- For Maritime, there is no added cost benefit.


- A consolidation can only be performed for packages part of the same order invoice.  Multiple shipments from various vendors or even from the same vendor but separate invoices cannot be performed.

- Packages cannot be consolidated once shipped

- All packages must be at the Miami warehouse before requesting consolidation

- Avoid Pre-alerts as this will have the package processed individually on arrival

- Avoid Autopay as this may trigger the release of your packages


- Send us an email to help@tortolaexpress.com 

- Send us the full invoice of the order

- List all the MIA tracking numbers (Aeropost tracking numbers only) of the packages in question 

- Ensure you do not upload invoices or pay for the packages before they are consolidated as this may trigger their release

Once we receive all the relevant material, we will send a request for Miami to consolidate the items.  This typically takes about 24 hours (excluding weekends).