In order to expedite clearance on arrival, we pre-clear and require payment on all the goods we import.  Since we receive packages and clear them on your behalf, we hold your payments in escrow until we are able to clear the balance with customs.  This ensures:

1. Speedy clearance on arrival

2. Ensures payment is received before shipment.  Believe it or not, before we did this we had a high number of shipments where customers never paid us for the move. 

Some customers have indicated to us they think this is odd because customs clearance before an item arrives in the BVI is not legal.  It is true that the official clearance document to customs can only be done once the items arrive in the territory. We prepare everything in advance of the package arriving in the territory so when the items arrive, the transmission to customs is faster.  It means that the moment the package arrives into the territory we are ready to pay customs